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'Stephanie' (played by Shelby Young in the pilot, Julianna Rose Mauriello in Seasons 1-2 and Chloe Lang for Season 3-Present) is deuteragonist of the series. She is a pink-wearing cheerleader who inspires the citizens of Lazy Town to stay active. She is 12 Years Old, has Pink Hair, and is often referred to as "Pinky" by Trixie. She came to town shortly after the sport war to visit her uncle Milford, the mayor of LazyTown. At first, no matter how much Stephanie tried, she couldn't get the others to have fun, so she asked for Sportacus help. When Sportacus finally arrived, he fixed it up to make LazyTown the best place to live. Its a possibility that Stephanie moved there.

In the Icelandic version of LazyTown, the character is called "Solla." There was going to be a scene in one of the episodes that shows Robbie Rotten capturing Sophie into he's secret cave, once they were it was supposed to show Stephanie tied to a machine barefoot while Robbie tickle tortures her feet with a purple feather, however the scene was deleteted.

Stephanie's Outfits Edit

Stephanie has a lot of other outfits rather than her striped pink dress:

  • Ballerina Outfit - LazyTown's New Superhero,
  • Baseball Outfit - Sleepless in LazyTown; Record's Day,
  • Birthday Outfit - Happy Brush Day,*Clown Outfit - The LazyTown Circus,
  • Fat Clown Suit - LazyTown's New Superhero,
  • Dancing Suit - Dancing Duel,
  • Apron - Hero for a Day; My Treehouse; Haunted Castle,
  • Garden Outfit - Dr. Rottenstein; Sports Candy Festival; The Lazy Genie,
  • Gypsy Outfit - The LazyTown Circus,
  • Jacket - Cry Dinosaur; The Laziest Town; Sports Candy Festival; Dancing Duel; Sportacus on the Move; LazyTown Goes Digital; Dancing Dreams,
  • Hat - The Laziest Town,
  • Musketeer Outfit - Prince Stingy,
  • Nightgown - Sleepless in LazyTown; Happy Brush Day; LazyTown's New Superhero; Dancing Duel; Sportacus on the Move,
  • Pirate Outfit - Rottenbeard,
  • Rock-n-Roll Outfit - Rockin' Robbie,
  • Pajamas - Birthday Surprise; Lazy Rockets,
  • School Jacket - School Scam, Time To Learn, Ghost Stoppers
  • Scouting Outfit - Lazy Scouts,
  • Secret Agent - Secret Agent Zero,
  • Snowy Outfit - LazyTown's Surprise Santa,
  • Vest and Scarf - The LazyTown Snow Monster,
  • Soccer Outfit - Soccer Sucker; Play Day,
  • Superhero Outfit - LazyTown's New Superhero,
  • Chef Outfit - Swiped Sweets; Miss Roberta,
  • Cowgirl - Play Day,
  • Track Suit - Friends Forever; School Scam; Birthday Surprise,
  • Tights - Energy Book; Lazy Town Goes Digital, Like A Robot
  • Race Suit - Lazy Rockets,
  • Dancing Dress - Dancing Dreams,
  • Repair Suit - Lazy Rockets,
  • Princess Dress - Once Upon A Time, Princess Stephanie
  • Red Costume - Once Upon A Time,
  • Sports Attire - Lazytown
  • Lion - Play Day,

Stephanie's Diary Edit

Stephanie has a pink diary with a heart on it. In the episode "Dear Diary" she shows it to all her friends. The pictures in Stephanie's diary are very detailed, and look exactly like photos, except in black and white. Her drawings, however, are seen in "Dear Diary" and "Little Sportacus" episodes.

Stephanie's Purse Edit

Stephanie has a pink purse with a tramp stamp on it. Stephanie is seen carrying it very often. Stephanie carries in her purse her diary. At the beginning of some songs, especially Bing Bang, Stephanie tosses away her purse. In songs Energy, Clean-Up and Bing Bang(from episode My Treehouse) Stephanie doesn't toss away her purse.

Live! AppearanceEdit


Stephanie at LazyTown Live!



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